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Welcome! I Have Pre~Made Bases For Your Globes. I Made Most Of Them Just By Taking Backgrounds To Image Magick And Re~sizing Them. I Hope They Are Useful To You. And Some Were Given By Friends!

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Dont Forget To Reload This Page. It Has Many Different Midis On The Page So...Each Time You Visit It Plays A Different Song!

More Globe Bases!!

Go To This Link To Find Instructions On How To Make Your Own Globes!! This Link Also Has The Supplies You Will Need To Start Making Beautiful Globes Too! SeaOfGraphics

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Find Many Different Font Styles On My Other Site! Fonts

Here Are The Links To The People Who Helped Me With The Construction of My Globes. I Still Have A Lot To Learn:-)



Lisa's Globe Bases

Sea Of Graphics

Graphic Excitement


Pork Chop's Bases

MCM 2000 Networks {Globe Supplies}

MCM 2000 Networks {Globe Supplies ~2~}

MCM 2000 Networks {Globe Supplies ~3~}

Two Good's {Globes,Bases & More}

Margie's Pages {aka Sadie}
Thanks Margie For Sending Me Most Of These Helpful Globe Related Sites!

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